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Course Policies

Meadowcreek Golf Course Public and Playing Policies
Policy Statement

The policies and procedures set forth by the Department of Parks & Recreation and Meadowcreek Golf Course management are to provide an enjoyable golfing experience for the community while protecting City-owned assets and maintaining golfer and staff safety. In some cases, Department or City-wide policies may supersede course policies which may not be listed here.


Meadowcreek Golf Course is owned by the City of Charlotteville and managed by the Department of Parks & Recreation. Meadowcreek’s goal to provide an affordable and quality golfing experience to the citizens of Charlottesville, the surrounding counties, and visitors. Course management works with the various divisions within Parks & Recreation as well as other City Departments, contractors and partners in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the course and its facilities. The Department of Parks & Recreation has the authority to set all fees/charges, hours of operation, rules, policies per City Code Section 18-1.

Financial Model (Enterprise Fund)

Meadowcreek Golf Course is an enterprise fund within the City of Charlottesville. An enterprise fund is a self-supporting government fund that sells goods and services to the public for a fee. It’s only source of revenues are from the fees and charges paid from its customers and does not receive taxes paid by the citizens. The golf course is expected to generate enough revenues to cover all its operational expenses, reserves, and capital improvement projects. The enterprise fund designation is set and approved by City Council on an annual basis with the adoption of the City’s annual budget.

Assumption of Risk

You acknowledge that outdoor activities have inherent risks that may affect you, including, but not limited to, property damage or loss, temporary or permanent bodily injury, sickness, and even death. Such activities can include without limitation golf and the walking trails that may surround the course. Specific risks related to these activities include, but are not limited to: Negligence or carelessness of other participants and third parties, unwanted/accidental contact with other participants and their playing equipment, fast-moving playing equipment, and your individual susceptibility to harm or injury (whether known or unknown to you). The results of these and other inherent risks may include, but are not limited to, eye injury, serious neck and spinal injuries, concussions, sprains, and other serious injury or impairment to other aspects of your body, and your general health and well-being.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct is intended to ensure a safe, friendly, and respectful place for golfers, visitors, and staff to gather in the spirit of cooperation, good will, fun, and friendly competition.

All golfers and/or visitors have voluntarily decided to play/visit Meadowcreek Golf Course and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Observes the Rules of Golf as adopted by the United States Golf Association (USGA).
  • Is free of discrimination or any form of harassing behavior to fellow golfers, visitors, or staff.
  • Acknowledges Meadowcreek facilities as a customer and family friendly environment and refrains from using obscenities, excessively loud or otherwise inappropriate behavior.
  • Shows respect and dignity to fellow golfers, visitors, and staff.
  • Demonstrates an understanding that golfers and visitors have no authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties.
  • Is vigilant in reporting real or perceived safety hazards to staff or management.
  • Complies with all course and facility rules.
  • Complies with staff requests/instructions.
  • Does not interfere with the ability of customers and/or staff to use the golf course for its intended purpose.

Any golfer or visitor who violates or fails to observe the Code of Conduct may be disciplined as follows:

  • Issuance of a verbal warning.
  • Issuance of a written warning.
  • Suspension of playing privileges and/or banned from the property for a defined period of time.
  • Permanent suspension of playing privileges and/or banned from the property.
  • Monetary restitution for damage to property.

Dress Code

Flat soled shoes or rubber cleats designed for golf course use only. No baseball/soccer cleats allowed.

Pace of Play

The suggested pace of play is 4 hours and 15 minutes for 18 holes. Golfers are expected to keep up with the group in front of them and may be asked to pick up the pace or skip a hole if they are falling behind.


Youth ages 16 and above are allowed to play unsupervised as long as they can maintain the pace of play and adhere to the rules of golf. Youth ages 15 and below must be accompanied by an adult.

Tee Times

A tee time is required to play golf. Tee times may be reserved up to seven (7) days in advance online, in-person or over the phone. Golfers may reserve one (1) tee time (up to 4 players) per day.

Singles and twosomes are subject to pairing with other groups at the discretion of course management.

No Shows/Cancellations

Golfers are expected to cancel their tee times within 12 hours in advance if they are unable to make it. If you are not able to cancel within 12 hours, please contact the clubhouse as soon as possible so that we can offer that spot to someone else. Course management monitors and tracks no shows and reserves the right to restrict or prohibit future tee time reservations or charge golfers if they do not cancel.


All golfers are required to check-in at the clubhouse prior to teeing off.


Passes are available for purchase for pre-paid greens fees/cart fees. Passes do not have any rights of ownership, voting or authority over the course management and operations. Passes are non-transferrable and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Golfers may request a freeze on their pass for medical reasons for up to sixty (60) days. No more than one (1) freeze request may be granted in a 12-month period.


Meadowcreek Golf Course currently participates with the Virginia State Golf Association’s VIP Card Program. The card provides a discounted rate for those that have purchased the VIP card. Course management reserves the right to set the pricing, number of redemptions and playing windows. VSGA card holder is subject to availability and not entitled to priority or guaranteed tee times.

Golf Carts and Cart Path Use

Each golf cart operator must have a valid driver’s license. Drivers must follow all directional signs. Daily cart path rules for the use of golf carts (90 degrees from the cart path or cart path only) will be determined by course management and golfers will be advised prior to teeing off. All carts must remain on the cart path on all Par 3’s.

Single riders will be paired with another rider to maximize the use of carts. Golfers in groups of 2 or more must share carts or will be subject to the Single Rider Cart fee.

Golfers renting carts will be required to provide their contact information for any damage to the cart and/or course. Management will investigate any damage to determine if the renter is liable and if so, assess the cost of repairs and may seek monetary restitution from the renter.

Cart paths are for the use of Meadowcreek golf carts, maintenance equipment and walkers only. Bikes, scooters, skateboards and/or other motorized or non-motorized vehicles or equipment is prohibited.

Handicap Flag and Golf Cart Use

Golfers who are qualified individuals with disabilities shall identify themselves to staff and will be provided a flagged golf cart and allow the golfer to access restricted areas around greens and bunkers (including Par 3’s) as course conditions warrant. Golfers with handicap flags must display them on their cart and will be permitted to drive to within 20 feet from the greens.

Any use of carts off the cart path is at golfer’s own risk and any problems or injuries resulting from such use are the golfer’s responsibility. For safety reasons, it is strongly discouraged to use the golf cart on severe slopes or through tall grass area. Natural, unmowed areas may be designated as environmentally sensitive; please avoid these areas with the golf cart.

Carts are not allowed inside any roped off areas. Course management reserves the right to restrict all cart traffic in instances when excessive heat, moisture, new turf, or other weather-related or maintenance-related conditions create safety issues, or which would result in any cart traffic causing damage to the course. On such days the course will be designated “Cart Path Only.” If at any time it is apparent these conditions exist, please call the course first. Course management reserves the right to suspend or revoke the handicap flag if golfer is not adhering to the policy.

Weather / Lightning

In the event of weather, management reserves the right to suspend play or close the course for golfer safety and/or to prevent course damage. If a golfer is unable to complete their round due to weather, the raincheck policy will be in effect.

The course utilizes a lightning detection system as well as monitors conditions with various weather services. If the lightning detection system is activated, the horn will blow for 15 seconds. If a golfer is on the course, please take shelter wherever possible. If a golfer is in the vicinity of the clubhouse, please take shelter inside. Once weather is out of the area, the horn will blow 3 short times. Golfers are encouraged to utilize smartphone apps for alerts and notifications.


Rainchecks (due to inclement weather) are given on the day of play, can be redeemed anytime and never expire. Each raincheck has a 9- or 18-hole value assigned to it and can be redeemed for golf only and have no cash value.

Outings / Tournaments

Meadowcreek Golf Course may be utilized for City sponsored/hosted tournaments as well as private outings. Course management reserves the right to determine the days, times and how often the course is used for outings or tournaments and are subject to any specific or special rules for booking, cancellation, fees, and/or additional policies.

Groups / Leagues 

Course management may choose to allow groups and/or leagues to utilize the golf course. Course management reserves the right to determine the days, times and how often the course is used for groups or leagues and are subject to any specific or special rules for booking, cancellation, fees, and/or additional policies.


The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) prohibits any personal alcohol brought onto the course.


Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse and enclosed patio per City Code Section 24-5.


Firearms are prohibited on any part of the Meadowcreek Golf Course property and adjacent Pen Park per City Code Section 33-10.


Dogs are required to be on a leash on the golf course and areas around the clubhouse, trails and at the adjacent Pen Park per City Code Section 4-40.

Shared Use Path/Trail

Meadowcreek Golf Course has portions of trails and cart paths that serve as shared use between golfers and walkers. Golfers and walkers shall use mutual caution to ensure safety for everyone.


Golfers shall be respectful of the cemetery located between holes 14 and 15. If a golfer loses a ball in the cemetery, do not enter to hit or retrieve the ball. Please notify staff and they will collect lost balls. Golfers should be aware that the public may be on-site visiting the cemetery or using the walking path or cart path adjacent to it. Golfers and visitors shall use mutual caution to ensure safety for everyone.

Fishing and Wildlife Safety

Fishing in the ponds at Meadowcreek is prohibited. Golfers and visitors shall stay clear of water and use caution when entering wooded areas as wildlife may interfere with play and/or pose a threat.